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Congratulations! A wedding is such a wonderful occasion!WeddingCake

You are putting a lot of time, effort and money into planning your big day, making it as special as you are. But unfortunately, sometimes, things happen that are out of our control. Weather may impact the venue, service providers go out of business or don’t show, and attire or jewelry may get lost or stolen.

That’s why we encourage all couples who are planning a wedding to consider protecting their special day with a Wedding Protector Plan.

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Keep in mind: We can also help with Special Event Insurance for occasions such as
Anniversary Parties | Birthday Parties | Bar Mitzvah | Baby Showers | Graduation Parties | Retirement Parties | Family Reunions

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With average wedding costs hovering around $25,000, your big day can be a significant financial commitment. The Wedding Protector Plan is special event coverage that helps you protect the investment you make in your wedding day. It compensates for common wedding-related claims including

  • damage to wedding attire
  • loss of dress
  • loss of jewelry
  • cancellation or postponement
  • lost deposits
  • severe weather
  • sudden illness or medical problems
  • transportation shutdown
  • ruined photos
  • call to duty

We can also help with Special Event Liability Coverage, including Liquor Liability, which may be required by your venue. This coverage protects you in case of an accident or injury at an event you are hosting.

So what is a estimate of the insurance cots? Costs for a Wedding Protector Plan start at $160. It can be purchased up to two years prior to the event, but must be obtained at least 14 days in advance. Special Events Liability Coverage can be purchased starting at $135.

November 6th, 2013 by Metroland Agency